Wednesday, July 30, 2014

More July projects

Little Red House, needle felted landscape

Here's my latest felted piece, made with wool from our sheep, hand-processed and hand dyed.
I'm really enjoying the dimensional effects you can get!
I'm planning to bring this along to the Wakefield Marketplace  in NH this weekend.

Gibbs, Iris, Poppy making wool
 Here's some pictures of the flock making more craft supplies for me! They are currently grazing around the rocks of the old barn foundation (that barn is long gone)

DeNozzo and Iris multi tasking: making wool & mowing the grass

Our new hens, the dark one is a "partridge" the other is a Rhody Red cross.
Hopefully they are making eggs….haven't seen any yet though.
 And here is another recent project I got from the internet, somewhat modified for our critters:

Mini-Tutorial: How to make No-spill chicken feeders
 I used 2" pvc, which works fine, and I did not glue anything. I use a funnel (made from 1/2 soda bottle) to pour in the feed (you can see it hanging from a string.) Just beyond the feeders you can see the oyster shells and grit feeders also made from bottom half of 2L soda bottles and string. Use a desk hole puncher to make holes in the soda bottle to thread your string.
 I put all of these inside our old pigeon loft and was careful to hide everything around the corner from the sheep's view,  so they won't be tempted to break in. In the evening, I close the chicken door and plug the feeders with 2" pvc plugs (they are easier to use than the caps IMHO.) So far it's working!
Sheep proof (maybe) no-spill chicken feeders.

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